Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Measure Your Dog For A Perfect Fit

As it turns out, sometimes it's tricky picking the correct size for the fashion hound in your life. Every so often someone accidentally orders the wrong size for their pooch and it's always a disappointment when the collar you've been anxiously waiting for arrives in the mail...and it's, say, a Small instead of a Medium. When this happens, we're happy to exchange for the correct size (however there is a $10 exchange fee), but it means shipping it back to us and then waiting again for the correct size to arrive. Double the waiting = no fun! Plus that extra $10 stinks too.

So, if even the tiniest bit of doubt exists, measure that puppy's neck!

I'm posting this on the blog in hopes that it will help anyone who may have questions on exactly how to measure your dog for the perfect fit!

. . .


To determine which size is best for your hound, refer to the hound silhouette above and measure your hound at both points A and B. Point A should measure around the largest part of your hound's head, usually the point just behind their ears. Then take a second measurement, Point B, around their neck at the point where you would like the collar to rest. Make sure the collar size you choose can open wide enough to slip on over the largest part of your hound's head yet rest comfortably around their neck. (Classic Hound Collars are adjustable unless otherwise noted).

*Please note, choose the smallest martingale collar size that will fit over the largest part of the head (point A). For example, if your dog has a 13 inch neck, the best choice may be the Small size (9" to 15"), rather than the Medium (12" to 18"). If you are not sure which size is right for your hound, especially if your dog is of a non-sighthound breed, please provide us with your pet's measurements during the checkout process.

Simply make a snug measurement of Point B, where you would like the collar to rest comfortably on your dog's neck - that's it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abby The Whippet Is So Good

Is it just me or is this adorable? Watch Abby and Hman hanging out like the buddies they are. Both of our doggies, but especially Abby, are so affectionate and good with the wee ones. I just came across this and had to share:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Congratulations Murray!

murray wearing caviar

Congratulations to September's photo contest winner! Murray is a handsome greyhound from Pennsylvania who knows how to strut his stuff while sporting his Caviar martingale collar (there's only one Caviar left in the whole world! You can find it here).

Murray will enjoy a $20.00 gift certificate that he can use towards any Classic Hound collar or leash purchase!

Enter the Classic Hound Photo Contest!

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