Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking That Perfect Shot

photo and permission given by mommamia

Anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of their pet, knows that its a lot harder than it looks! One of my goals for 2008 is to become a better photographer, and that includes the pictures I take of my dog Dewey, and all the doggies I cross paths with. I would love to be able to capture a pet's personality in one amazing shot.

Let's take little Wilbur up above for instance. This is such a superb snap! Don't you feel like you know this pup, and what he's all about just by looking at this photograph? Mommamia, the photographer of this shot, really knew what she was doing when she snapped her camera into action. So how did she do it? What are the tricks of the animal photography trade? I've been doing some research.

For instance, did you know that it's best to take pictures of your pet after they've had something to eat, so they aren't distracted looking for food? Or that the closer you get to your pet when you snap that shot, the better you'll represent them?

Or how about that natural lighting is best? Perhaps the best tip I've learned is this one: GO TO YOUR PET - DON'T MAKE THEM COME TO YOU. You want them to feel comfortable so they LOOK comfortable in the picture, and a good way to do this is to go to THEIR LEVEL. I've been trying to refrain from taking shots of Dewey from up above (me standing looking down at him), but rather getting down at his level - even if that means laying down on the floor next to him. It really does make a difference!

Here are my two favorite links out of the MANY I sifted through:

How To Photograph Pets and 9 Pet Photography Tips

Visit them for not only amazingly helpful TIPS, but for INSPIRING PICTURES as well. Now go grab that digital camera, take an obscene amount of pictures (you can always edit and delete later) and get to work! Happy picture snapping!

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