Monday, March 24, 2008

Home of the Life Size Crocheted Greyhound

I would like to introduce AerieDesigns to all those who may not already be familiar with Lenora's amazing work. The ultimate in crocheted greyhound art! I can't even imagine how long it must take to crochet one of the life size greyhounds, or how long it must have taken to actually DESIGN THE PATTERN. Wow! I just LOVE the snoods and sweaters too. A wonderful resource for all those crocheters out there!!

I really admire Lenora's dedication to such a worthy cause - a portion of every purchase is donated to benefit greyhound adoption. By collecting all of Aerie Design's crochet patterns you are supporting greyhounds!

If you don't crochet (like me) but love the designs, sometimes patterns can be found in Greyhound Adoption Fundraising auctions. Items made with Aerie Design patterns can be sold to raise money for non-profit dog rescue ONLY. For more information visit Aerie Designs's Blog and Website. To buy some of these amazing patterns and products, visit her Etsy Store.

Classic Hound loves Aerie Designs!!

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