Friday, April 18, 2008


Welcome to the whimsical world of ToadBriar! I get lost in the magic of these amazing paintings. Take this Cozy Fairy Tale Thank You Toad Firefly painting for instance. It is so lovely and immediately takes me back to the days I would sit on my mothers lap as a child and we would read together.

"Under the hedgerow, a little toad reads his Fairy Tale book about The Frog Prince. Night is falling, light is fading .... until a firefly casts his warm light for Toad to read by. This is a warm cozy painting that says "thank you".

The artist, Kim Parkhurst's love of greyhounds (and perhaps whippets too) is apparent in these gorgeous portraits. I feel like I could sit down to drink a cup of tea and engage in witty conversation with this guy:

Parkhurst, makes all sorts of art, from paintings and prints to dolls, vintage style teddy bears, and sculptures. She even spins wool on her very own spinning wheel! (Something I grew up doing as well with the wool shorn from our own sheep, small world)! You can find more of her work, including card sets, in her ToadBriar Etsy Shop.


limabeanhome said...

What beautiful work! You always find such neat artists and I love how you are featuring their work. (Must be all that time you spend surfing . . .oh how our husbands love us for our secret love affairs with etsy).

Classic Hound said...

Watch out LimaBeanHome, you're next!!! I LOVE your stuff! :) And yes, our husbands do suffer due to the all enchanting temptress known as Etsy! :)

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