Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summertime....when the livin's busy!

I cannot believe it has been this long (3 months!) since I last posted. I promise to do better! This summer has been a busy one for both ClassicHound and for me and my family. We had a big family wedding in early August that took place on the West Coast, so we were out of town for almost a month for that. And, WOW! Was it ever a good time! The bride and groom were beautiful and about as happy as two newlyweds should and could be, and the reception was such fun! My sister, Pamela, made the wedding cake (yes, she made the wedding cake and from scratch!) and my cousin, Stephanie, made a little tuxedo for her pomeranian, Ralph. Too cute!!

We've been home for about a month now, and we've hit the ground running! Enjoy a few pictures from the blessed event:

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