Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Booo! Buckle Collar Giveaway!


It's Wednesday, and I have the perfect giveaway for all the Halloween lovers out there! Enter to win by posting a comment here or on our facebook page about anything spooky or Halloween related. The lucky winner will be announced next Wednesday, the 14th!

Remember, this is a buckle collar. It's also 1.5" wide and a size Medium (adjusts 12" - 18").

Win this collar for your own pup, your favorite shelter, or as a gift to a Halloween lovin' 4-legged friend. Best of luck!



Elizabeth said...

'Grandma' didn't make costumes this year, so a festive Halloween collar is a must. This would be perfect!

zUzU said...

=^..^= Ellen!
how ::wonderful:: this collar is ::sigh::

Although I won't enter the contest this time (i won something for my little friend ::SUNSHINE:: recently) i will have to think of a spooky story to tell anyway ... I can imagine it will be fun to visit back to this post over the next couple of weeks to read all the tales :)

I do however ::need:: a collar like this one for my girl!! Off to your site to see if you have any in the size and style she wears ::hooray:: and ... BOO!

xx zUzU

rosebud101 said...

I think my sweet little Pixie would love a Halloween collar! She's too sweet to be scary, but I know she'd like it!

queenoftheclick said...

I love your etsy shop - it's new to me! I love the leashes and matching collars. Please enter me as my doxie would love to wear a Halloween collar.

Have you ever thought about making harnesses for small dogs?

Lucid Moon Studio said...

I just found your blog through Pamela Susan's! My Weim, Cooper, would love a Halloween collar! I think he is going to dress up like a shark for Halloween, but he will still have plenty of opportunities to wear this cute collar! Thanks for the giveaway!!


Ashley said...

I'm trying to convince my husband to let me dress up our dogs (Australian Shepherds) for Halloween this year but he's not really going for it - a Halloween collar would be a perfect compromise!

Rhonda said...

Just like Lucid Mood Studio, I found your blog through your sister's site. I visit very few websites but find I must check in on a regular basis with Pamela Susan; she is so creative and fun-loving! Such a cozy site she weaves. Being led to your site, I expect to do the same since we are such big dog lovers. Now for a doggie Halloween story. I was living in my first rental after college with the first dog love of my life, Ditto, a black Labrador-Huskie. It was a quirky cabin that was many moons ago a one-room school and rumored to have hosted Robert E. Lee before that. It was a great place that had a footbridge crossing a creek and was locally dubbed "The Little Red House." One Halloween night an adult in costume came to my door. The person was groaning and holding their hand out in a very strange way. I was pretty sure that I knew the person so I started asking questions, but the person would only groan and get closer to the door. Needless to say, I was getting quite nervous. Ditto, my protector, was inside growling and showing his concern (Paul, my husband/then boyfriend was inconveniently in the bathroom!). I finally had to tell the person that if they came any closer I would have to let my dog out. The person came closer ... I let Ditto out. He came out baring teeth, squatting low, growling and doing whatever he thought necessary to help me. Quickly, MY MOM, who is quite the character ripped off her ski mask and wig, calming Ditto and myself down almost instantly. All three of us (myself, Ditto, and mostly my Mom) got a scare that Halloween night. Ditto has been gone two years this November and I still tear up saying that. I have never ever posted a comment to a blog before ... I just really want to win that beautiful collar for his young brother, Bailey, that he helped to train so beautifully.

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