Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Measure Your Dog For A Martingale Dog Collar

So it happens a lot more than you'd think. Sometimes doggies get the wrong sized collar because their humans unknowingly order
the wrong size collar. Always a shame! So we thought we'd come up with a video to help break down the proper way to measure your dog to determine the correct size collar for the perfect fit!

Introducing our very first tutorial video!

Untitled from Classic Hound on Vimeo.

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Rosa Noel said...

Thank you for this nice article and for the tutorial video! It's a very useful tutorial about the dog collars. It's very important to buy them exact size of collars. They must feel comfortable with them, not strangulated! For sure I'll come back to this blog! Nice job and by the way, nice dogs ;)

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