Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

Tattoo, originally uploaded by briggs5mary.

This is just one of four beloved pets, briggs5mary from flickr, has tattooed on her back. I think they look great! I've seen more than a few bad "pet" tattoos, but briggs5mary's tattoo artist has really done a fabulous job here. Briggs says she's not done yet with her tattoo. With a few names to add and the inclusion of a frame, this tattoo will be complete.

While I love my doggies, those living and those passed, I don't think I have the kahunas or resolve to make that trip to the parlor. Plus I don't think I have enough canvas to fit them all! So. We can all see how much one woman adores her four legged friends. How much do you love yours? Enough to pay a tribute to them on your epidermis?

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