Monday, December 6, 2010

Introducing The Squirrel Patrol dog collar!


We're nuts for our Squirrel Patrol collars, and we think you will be too! I don't know about your hounds, but both Abby and Dewey go bonkers when they encounter a squirrel. Totally crazy and they want nothing more than to pounce and attack the poor little guys. And the funny thing is that I pretty much did just that when I came across this ribbon. I pounced and attacked it as soon as I layed eyes on it, brought it home, and sewed these bad boys up.

Of course you can also order a belt or mini-martingale keychain for you to if you'd like. All of which make fantastic Stocking Stuffers!


Don't forget to order soon - Christmas deadlines are right around the corner (December 11th for domestic/US orders, and December 7th for International orders).
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