Friday, June 19, 2009

Feature Friday

Every Friday we'll feature something we find that we think you, our loyal readers, would like to hear about. This week we're featuring different doggie bowls we found from etsy! There are quite a variety available, so if you want to see more options you should click here. We chose the dog bowls listed above because they are completely customizable-you can get your dog's name and whatever painting you want put on the bowl! The dog bowls below can be found here. These are awesome because they are ergonomic; since the bowls are elevated in their own special container, they won't hurt your dog's neck whenever he or she wants to eat or drink! I have a set like this for my dog, and it's so great because she doesn't have to bend way down every time she wants a drink of water. So that's all for this post. Leave a comment and let me know if you have anythink you think should be featured for a future Friday. Have a great weekend!

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