Friday, June 26, 2009


Abigail! Abby is a rescue whippet from NYC *and* the newest addition to our family! Her last family had a hard time keeping up with her puppy energy (she's one year old now) in the city and gave her up to a Whippet Rescue (WRAP). She bounced around a few times in the city before the last family thought enough of her to give her over to WRAP. Brenda took her into her home with all of her gorgeous hounds, before we found each other. Lucky us to have found her! Finding young whippet pups is a real rarity, and she's such a sweetie! We knew instantly upon meeting her that we liked her, so we definitely scored. She's a very chill hound who's puppy energy really comes through when she's first meeting/greeting someone. Other than that, she hardly seems like a puppy at all. She makes Dewey look like the real spaz in this family (which may not be that hard I guess).

Speaking of Dewey, I think we just made his whole life by bringing this beautiful creature into the house. He LOVES her! He'll actually sit there and lick and nibble on her's almost a little embarrassing to witness. And she's so calm and good with our son. Our #1 concern is that this dog be good with kids, and she seems to be just that. Abby just needs a little training and to learn a few manners but she's already catching on - so that's a good sign. Not a nervous bone in her body. More updates (and pictures) to follow.

To learn more about whippet rescue and WRAP, visit here.


Anne Good said...

Abigail is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love whippets! One of our dogs is an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell mix and they seem like similar breeds (the IGs and Whippets). I'm soooo excited that you rescued her...there's nothing better! Congrats on your adorable little girl!

zUzU said...

=^..^= Abby is a darling!
. :: LuCkY :: DucKy :: YoU :: .

Kim said...

She is just beautiful,and I love a good rescue story :)

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