Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot-Diggity-Dog Wednesday!

Who likes to have a clean dog? With these all-natural vegetable-based soaps by FuzzYard, your dog can be clean and you don't have to worry about what's touching its skin. Sound good? Well enter our contest today and you can win a bar for FREE! Leave a comment about which scent you think would smell the best and you'll be entered to win. The winner will be announced next Wednesday.

There are also other products available at Classic Hound by FuzzYard. To see them click here.


cindi said...

I can't decide! Mama says if oragnes - I'd smell too sweet to eat. Seaweed & aloe? Maybe I'd smell like the beach? I like the beach...

cheers! Evie

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Suke said...

Hhhmm, I'm with the sweet orange & mandarin - a real burst of sunshine in a bar! Plus it smells divine and will make my hounds' smell sweet(er)!

Thanks! SuKe

PS You can follow my newest hound on twitter @Jasperthehound or me @Sukesu

cindi said...

Oopsie! I'm not smart when it comes to computers. On twitter I'm @wdlndgreasil

hehehehe. my *name* is evie greyhound. silly me! Smelling like sunshine would be super nice too.


Elizabeth said...

Sweet Orange and Mandarin, what better smell than citris in the summer!

Jaybird Designs said...

Cash would smell great with the seaweed and aloe!

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