Tuesday, September 15, 2009

leashes, Leashes, L E A S H E S!


Finally. They. Are. Here. We've always provided leashes here at Classic Hound, but exclusively offered as a matching piece to a combo or collar leash set only. Not anymore! We are happy to announce the arrival of both a SOLID set of six basic colors *and* our URBAN series in both a BASIC line and a LUSCIOUS line.

About our SOLID line of leashes with a PADDED HANDLE:

These solid leashes are the perfect companion for almost all collars. A great alternative to the "matchy-match" look of collar and leash sets. Durable grosgrain ribbon is sewn onto the strong nylon webbing with color coordinated double bonded nylon thread.

Our favorite feature is the adjustable PADDED HANDLE, which provides a comfortable walking experience for your hands and wrist.

* STRONG WEBBING. Highly dependable 1500 lb nylon webbing is used on Classic Hound leashes.

* STRONG SEAMS. Each seam is created with an industrial-duty straight stitch machine, and I use color-coordinated heavyweight bonded nylon threads that provides unparalleled durability under pressure.

* METAL HARDWARE. Classic Hound only uses metal hardware for the safety of your hound. Finished off with a trigger snap for extra safety. The end result is a leash we are proud to use, to sell and to stand behind.

* UNBELIEVABLE COMFORT. Extra padding in the handle along with the luxuriously soft webbing provide added comfort to your wrist


About our URBAN lines:

Our URBAN LEASH design has a few extra features that we absolutely LOVE! It's the perfect leash for those frequent dog walks we take with our four-legged friends every day.

We've added an adjustable quick side-release buckle to the handle that allows for quick and easy clipping, straight from the handle and not the end that snaps onto the D-ring of the collar. We use ours to clip our doggies near us when we're outdoor dining at our favorite restaurant, or to the side of our stroller for a safe and quick release if necessary. The URBAN LEASH Design also converts from a hand held leash to a waist worn leash in seconds, for those moment you need both hands.

Available in a variety of colors and in either your choice of either 4 feet or 5 feet. All Classic Hound leashes are made with the strongest nylon webbing on the market and finish with trigger snap hardware for extra safety. Comes with a D-Ring attached to the handle for the option to carry leash bags/keys/etc.

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