Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pizza Party on Ice!

When we first moved to the NE I was constantly amazed that ponds and lakes could actually freeze over. In fact, it took a good 3 years (in upstate New York) to not feel a flash of shock and disbelief each time I saw a truck plowing a pond, or children playing hockey atop the ice. This is just not something you would ever see in western Oregon, because it never deep freezes like that in the Willamette valley. It obviously "deep freezes" here in Maine, but now I'm used to such things. I even get out and skate from time to time and love it.

Here's a new discovery for me that was an absolute delight - having pizza delivered to your very own private frozen pond skate party! Pure yummy awesomeness!

*Notice the adorable puppy, Harvey the Weimaraner! Little brother to Otter, the lab mix! Pure cutie-patootie awesomeness!

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