Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Congratulations Chester Scotties!!

Chester Scotties wins the Scottie Dog Bag! How appropriate!Congratulations!

Here is what Chester has to say about her favorite scotties: 

My two favorite Scotties are Aspri and Mavri, our wheaten and black girls. They are the light of my life with their funny little fey Scottie ways. Aspri protects the house and yard - she's always on duty and takes her job very seriously. Squirrels, birds, kids on bikes, strangers - BEWARE! :) And Mavri is our playful girl - she carries her little red ball everywhere and begs all who cross her path to play with her. These two dogs bring me back from the brink of depression almost every day when I get home from the daily grind and they are waiting to lavish me with kisses and tempt me with their toys. These are the first Scotties we've ever had, and we love them more each day.
Hey! Thanks for giving me a chance to run on about my two braw little loves!

Sounds like it was love at first bark! Congrats Chester Scotties! 
Thank you to all who participated! Next Wednesday there will be another fabulous giveaway, so stay tuned!

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