Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Congratulations Noonan!

Noonan The Whippet Pup!, originally uploaded by ClassicHound.

Congratulations to our July winner, Noonan!

Noonan, the whippet pup considers just how fabulous he looks in his new Key West martingale/leash set! Noonan will enjoy a $20.00 Gift certificate that he can use towards any Classic Hound collar or leash purchase! Learn more about Classic Hound's photo contest by clicking here.


Dawn and Noonan said...

Thanks so much, Ellen! Noonan just loves all his new Classic Hound wear and we are very proud!
:-) Dawn

Classic Hound said...

Noonan, you are such a cute whippie! I keep getting comments on how cute "the whippet puppy is on your website!"

Congratulations again little guy!

Elizabeth said...

Noonan sure looks great in his new leash and collar! The Key West design is one of my faves!

Destinie Langford said...

I'm "Noonan's" breeder- and i could not be prouder!!! Of course, he is a cutie pie- and his family is ABSOLUTELY wonderful!!!

Destinie Langford CVT

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