Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Fun

Here is Abby regally showing off her new Classic Hound tag collar and brand new tags! Red becomes her, don't you think? Abby is sporting a 'Whippet Real Good' and a solitary 'A' for Abby. :)


And I couldn't resist mentioning this little adventure! Rowan and I went out for a walk and he announced that he spotted a 'Bug!' on our front lawn. Upon closer inspection, we found that our bug was a cicada. Rowan called him 'Cayduh'. We decided to release Cayduh back into the wild after a few hours, but before doing so, we snapped a few photos! The cicadas have come and we can hear their humming while the sun shines, summer is truly here!



Elizabeth said...

Abby is Gorgeous! And her new collar is very pretty too!!! ;)

zUzU said...

=^..^= i adore Abby's collar & tags!
Developing a nice fashion sense, isn't she?!!

wondering ... um, what did Abby think of, Caydah? Quite a lovely bug, yes? Such a beautiful song.

HaPpY Thursday! xxzu

Classic Hound said...

Yes, Abby has quite exquisite taste in her collars ;)

And we kept Abby away from Cayduh, she eats anything. One of her favorite pastimes is leaping through the air snapping at flies midflight!

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