Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hot-Diggity-Dog Wednesday!

Enter the Hot-Diggity-Dog contest before next Wednesday for a chance to win a FREE Classic Hound Martingale collar!

This 'Good Doggy' design is a size small and 1.5 inches wide so it adjusts from 9" to 16".

Leave a quick comment or "tail" about your pooch and you'll be entered to win! The winner will be announced next Wednesday July 15th! We're looking forward to hearing about YOUR good doggy!


Kimber said...

My whippet, Skylar, (aka @BluBijou on twitter) will be 13yrs young on August 1st! Here she is doing what she does best: being beautiful!

The Handmade Hound said...

My big brindle fella Casey would LOVE this collar. He just turned 4 in April and spends his days roaching in the sun and having greyt fun. Love your stuff!! :)

Corey said...

Isabell, the Italian Greyhound, loves her Classic Hound attire. She's so smart, she brings my cell phone over when it rings!

Astrid said...

Our whippet Pete is 2 and has been with us since December. He loves his Classic Hound collars AND our shoes. He never chews on them, though: he just grabs them and takes them to his favorite place on the rug in the hallway. He'll pick one shoe or slipper from each human parent and carefully transport them to his special place, where he sits patiently until someone discovers his antics.
Funniest time was when he actually took out a pair of dad's shoes from the closet; each shoe in its little shoe bag. He had to make the trip TWICE in order to take both shoes to the rug, along with a slipper from mom. Impossible not to laugh out loud every time.

Anonymous said...

My dog, Orkan, is my Service Dog and we are a true team. He goes wherever I go. The funny thing is that he will drink whatever I am drinking - just learned he likes ice coffee. His favorite thought is Rootbeer.
My other dog, Josh, is with me wherever I am at home. If you can't find me, then just find Josh and you've found me.

I love both my dogs. Feel I couldn't live without them.


Elizabeth said...

My husband and I have been going back on forth on the perfect collar for our girl Ruger. Everything I like he thinks is too girly, while everything he likes would be better suited for a boy. Poor girl, everyone who meets her already assumes she is a he, the last thing she needs is a 'boy' collar. This collar seems to be just perfect for our little girl, and shockingly my husband and I agree!!! :)

Robin said...

Our whippet girl, Elsie, loves to look stylish. Her orange sock monkey collar was perfect for those early days of puppyhood, but now that she is in her teens (7 months) the Good Doggy collar would be great(she's going through a black phase). Maybe with a black jacket and striking red lead?

Vegan Dog's Life said...

Emma and Rowan love their collar "wardrobe" from Classic Hound! They wear them with pride at the dog park. :)

zUzU said...

=^..^= after a weekend enveloped in a new rescued puppers realization that life might just include kind people ... I see this gorgeous offering! I must speak up for Jerry and Sunshine!

My friend was recently acquired by a sweet little 3-yr old girl named, Sunshine ... And although there are still clouds in this brand new relationship (2-weeks new) only time will care for those as Sunny learns about love. One thing that could be changed immediately is that awful collar Sunny came home with. Sigh. You know the ones? The standard ugly blah-thing given to each new pup as it enters a facility to hold it's tags. Ugh. Jerry took it off her and she's running his house naked now until he finds another.

As his every other sentence is GOOD GIRL as he tries to reassure Sunny ... Nothing could convey the proud truth more than a collar that proclaimed aloud, GOOD DOGGIE!

So, for Sunshine and her new proud papa, Jerry (both of whom have already won the big prize-each other) I say, Hot Diggity Dog what a beautiful collar! Paws crossed here at the cottage that they might be entered to win. Again :o)

xo love, zUzU & Caila (who rescued me in 2007)

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