Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ZuZu wins for Sunshine!

ZuZu wins!, originally uploaded by ClassicHound.

ZuZu was our big winner for this week. CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like this collar could not be going to a more deserving "Good Doggy". Listen to what ZuZu says about Sunshine and her new proud papa, Jerry:

"=^..^= after a weekend enveloped in a new rescued puppers realization that life might just include kind people ... I see this gorgeous offering! I must speak up for Jerry and Sunshine!

My friend was recently acquired by a sweet little 3-yr old girl named, Sunshine ... And although there are still clouds in this brand new relationship (2-weeks new) only time will care for those as Sunny learns about love. One thing that could be changed immediately is that awful collar Sunny came home with. Sigh. You know the ones? The standard ugly blah-thing given to each new pup as it enters a facility to hold it's tags. Ugh. Jerry took it off her and she's running his house naked now until he finds another.

As his every other sentence is GOOD GIRL as he tries to reassure Sunny ... Nothing could convey the proud truth more than a collar that proclaimed aloud, GOOD DOGGIE!

So, for Sunshine and her new proud papa, Jerry (both of whom have already won the big prize-each other) I say, Hot Diggity Dog what a beautiful collar! Paws crossed here at the cottage that they might be entered to win. Again :o)

xo love, zUzU & Caila (who rescued me in 2007)"

Awwww. I hope Sunshine enjoys her new collar!

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zUzU said...

=^..^= what a ::WONDERFUL:: lovely treat!
This makes my day simply .::sing:aloud::.

Thank you!

Jerry is going to be so tickled as he carries a package addressed to his little puppers ... to his very own house. What a little mystery to tease him all day. You see, Jerry is our mailman and lives within his own route!

And I have not told him about entering his little Sunshine in the drawing. I am not going to either! Not yet ::hee:: I believe everyday should hold a surprise or two. This will be a special one.

I promise to take pictures!
xx love, zUzU

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